Young Adult Hip Pain

Young adult hip pain is pain around the hip area that occurs between the second to fourth, or even fifth, decades depending on the patient’s activity. It can occur for a variety of reasons, therefore it is important to identify the specific cause of your symptoms in order to provide the correct treatment.

The majority of such conditions could be treated with hip arthroscopy.

Your symptoms could be pain, catching or clicking or a combination. It could be related to sports and exercise, or may occur in day to day activities.


Where are Your Symptoms?

Outer aspect of hip?
Otherwise known as “trochanteric” area. Pain and or clicking around the trochanteric area could be due to inflammation (bursitis), tears in tendons (gluteus medius or minimus), or snapping band/tendon. All these can be treated with hip arthroscopy.

Front or all around the hip?
The most common causes will be hip impingement, dysplasia and labral tears.

Hip impingement happens when the hip ball/and or socket are mismatched, causing catching in the front of the joint. This can cause the labrum (cartilage rim of the socket), to be damaged or torn. Hip arthroscopy can help re-shaping the hip ant treat the labral tear.

Hip dysplasia is when the ball of the hip is not fully covered by the socket.

Another condition is 'snapping iliopsoas tendon', when you get clicking of the inner hip due to catching ilio-psoas tendon. This again can be released with a hip arthroscopy.

Other causes include avascular necrosis (when the blood flow to the hip is interrupted), osteoarthritis, infection or loose bodies.


How to Diagnose

History and examination by an expert in these conditions, followed by further investigations possibly using X-ray and MRI scanning.

Role of physiotherapy is really important, either as first line of treatment in preparation for surgery, or after the surgery to help with recovery and getting the best outcome.