Why go private?

The main reasons YHA patients choose private treatment:
- The ability to choose a consultant with experience in hip arthroscopy
- Fast access to treatment
- The choice of the hospital in which you would like to be treated
- The choice of when to have your surgery
- The choice of a convenient appointment time between 8am and 8pm
- Their required surgery is not available in the NHS system
- To avoid delays in the NHS system


Going private if you have health insurance

Please check with your health insurance company that you are covered for the cost of your consultation, tests and operation. They will give you an authorization number to ensure the hospital and surgeons are covered by your health plan. Most insurance companies require a GP referral to authorize your treatment.

Following the outpatient consultant, your consultant will keep your GP informed of your treatment and the insurance company will pay your hospital and consultant fees, informing you of any shortfall that must be paid.

For any surgery, you will choose your date with your consultant then be admitted to a private hospital. Your consultant will update your GP of your operation findings and any follow up appointments. Your insurance company will pay your hospital and consultant fees, informing you of any shortfall that must be paid.


Going private if you don't have health insurance

You can get private treatment without insurance as a 'self paying' patient. The best option is to take a fixed price package available at all the private facilities YHA operates through. The exact details of cover should be clarified with the hospital prior to surgery.

An example would be BMI Self Pay available at the BMI Duchy Hospital in Harrogate.

A GP referral will be required by the hospital prior to your initial consultation. This can often be faxed by the GP practice directly.

You will attend an initial consultation with your chosen consultant. A bill for this consultation, typically between £220-£250 will be sent to you directly after the consultant. Additional treatment such as x-rays, scans and injections will be charged separately. Often there is a bill from the hospital and a supplementary bill from the clinician performing or interpreting any procedure. Please ask for clarification of any costs before any procedures or investigations are performed.

If you choose to continue with NHS treatment this is no problem but your GP will need to refer you back into the NHS system.

Jon Conroy Hip Surgeon